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The RBA Business Model

RBA is client focused and strives to develop solutions for the housing needs of its clients.

RBA’s main product offerings include bonded homes sold to prospective new homeowners and the development and delivery of turnkey rental units to institutional market participants and property investors that hold large residential rental portfolios.

Expertise within the group includes:

  • land procurement;
  • town planning and urban design;
  • architectural expertise;
  • civil engineering expertise;
  • construction capability;
  • marketing and sales capability; and
  • legal administration of the property development and construction process.

An important development in RBA’s supply chain is that it has moved away from only relying on third parties for the availability of serviced stands, and sources raw land directly, takes transfer of the land and controls the process of land development where possible. This is in addition to allocations from large land developers.

An inhouse contact centre complements our services and is available to homeowners to deal with customer queries and the resolution of any customer complaints.

The company’s core capability is turning undeveloped land into communities with individual free standing homes or sectional title units that are marketed and sold to our enduser clients or institutional investors.

The homes that we sell are bankfunded quality homes in the “affordable housing” segment of the housing market, generally being in the range of R 270 000 to R 600 000 per unit.

The major revenue streams associated with land development and construction of houses or apartments are supported by additional revenue streams such as bond commissions, rental income and in future providing linked financial services to clients.

Business Process

Business Model

RBA'S Core Values

The company has chosen certain tenets that underlie its core values. These are set out below:

Culture and Values

We are striving to establish a corporate culture in RBA based on three core philosophies:

1. Client at the Centre
Our clients are the centre of our business and we are aiming to ensure that all our actions, decisions and processes are centred around providing value and quality services and products to our clients.

At present we believe that these offerings are in line with our competitors but we are striving to reach a position of leadership in the industry in this regard.

To date the area we believe we have made the most progress in achieving a competitive advantage is in providing prospective clients with the best advice on the benefits of homeownership and thus positioning RBA as a trusted expert in housing delivery.

2. Trust
The company knows that it needs to build relationships based on high levels of trust with all its stakeholders including clients, shareholders, employees, financiers, landowners, development partners and suppliers in order to succeed.

As a result of the fact that the company has been under financial stress for some years, relationships with some of our stakeholders have come under significant strain.

Despite this we appreciate the ongoing trust that has been put in the company by many of these stakeholders and aim to establish RBA as a most trusted business partner as we emerge from the difficulties of the last few years.

3. Excellence
The achievement of excellence comes from continuously improving the way we do things at RBA. We will only know that we have attained excellence in what we do when we can clearly show that this process has resulted in us being better than our competitors in delivering value to all our stakeholders.

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